Pierreson "Pete" Gaspard

Lead Machinist/Programmer

Born in Brooklyn, Pete and his family left the area when he was 8 years old to move to Fort Lauderdale, where he was raised. He met his wife at the age of 18, and married and started their family in their early twenties. Today, they are still happily married and have two sons (one of which is also employed at ISC), aged 23 and 18, and a daughter aged 22.

He began his journey with machining back in high school. He was granted the opportunity to start trade school, and during his junior and senior years, where he was supposed to be in electronics, but stumbled upon a machine chart and decided to switch his path to machining.

He came across a person using a machine to cut metal and just couldn’t make himself leave until he had it all figured out. And that’s where his hearts been ever since. “These machines grab you, it’s fascinating.”

In his early twenties, he decided to move to Texas to find better machining opportunities, which he did. He is known to fuse his designs and ideas with machinery to create profitable undertakings.

Career Progression At ISC
Pete has been with ISC for about a year, but during this period, he managed to help us grow and expand, in terms of ideas for the future and ways we can optimize our processes. One of Petes most recent projects, which he’s very proud of, involved building components with screws in conveyor systems. “We've dramatically improved efficiency in the shop area in terms of reducing the waiting period for clients, and reducing stress on our employees”.

Pete brings a level of efficiency and expertise that has helped significantly decrease our production time. Certainly, introducing skilled and highly-qualified individuals to our team makes things easier and smoother.

Hopes For The Future
“We've got machine capability where we could machine parts of automobiles and tanks if we needed. We've got machines that we could use to create automotive, aerospace, and even missile-type parts. Our capabilities are endless at ISC”. Apart from this, Pierreson has stated that he’d love to help bring in some oil-related work and government aircraft-type work into the shop to expand our machining and capabilities outside of our traditional business demographic.
Hobbies & Interests
Pete is a widely imaginative and self-taught person, which helps him thrive in his work as well as with his hobbies. At one point, he had machines in his home too, which he used for his personal projects and entertainment. He’s a big fan of indoor sports, especially basketball, and loves to spend time with his family. Passing down as much information as possible about his skills to his children is a big passion of Petes as well. To recharge his batteries and keep a fresh outlook, Pete enjoys spending time with family, friends, and co-workers. He is a skilled and valuable individual that we love having on our team. He’s someone we can trust and ask for help when needed, as well as for innovative ideas for the company. His extensive work experience allows him to view things from different perspectives, which helps structure the team and solve things quickly and more efficiently.