A man in a white sweater standing in front of a christmas tree.

Ernesto Jimenez

Ernesto Jimenez, a dedicated CNC operator at ISC since September 2023, is a man of many talents. Born and raised in a Catholic family alongside four sisters, Ernesto’s upbringing was steeped in family values, a trait that resonates with him deeply even today. His academic journey encompassed an education at Paschal High School, followed by specialized training in CNC Machining and Manufacturing at Lincoln Tech.

Recently married and looking forward to starting a family of his own, Ernesto cherishes the weekly tradition of family gatherings every Sunday after church. This sense of familial bonding and community extends to his professional life as well, contributing to his loyalty towards ISC. When asked why he stays with ISC, Ernesto speaks fondly of the family environment and teamwork that pervades the company culture. He appreciates the mutual respect and the collective effort that everyone puts into their work.

Aside from his professional commitments, Ernesto leads a vibrant life filled with music, sports, and outdoor activities. A musician for over a decade, he spends his weekends performing and traveling with his band, where he showcases his talents as a trumpet player and singer. He also finds joy in playing soccer and fishing, diversifying his interests outside the realm of work.

Looking ahead, Ernesto envisions ISC expanding beyond its current scope. He hopes that the company will produce more than just bulk material handling equipment and cater to a broader clientele. Through his story, Ernesto Jimenez personifies the balance of work, family, and personal passions, and the importance of a well-rounded life.