Joseph Ruiz- ISC Team Member

Joseph Ruiz

Joseph Ruiz, an Austin TX native, currently leads the Shipping/Receiving and Assembly Departments at ISC, cherishing the camaraderie within the team. Raised in a tight-knit single-parent household along with his two sisters, the values of community and unity were deeply ingrained in him from an early stage, thanks to his close relationship with his family. In his early days, he spent weekends in the country at his grandmothers house and playing baseball at the local rec center. After receiving his Associates degree in Business Management, he discovered his passion for carpentry, resulting in a two-decade-long career in commercial carpentry.

Beyond his professional life, Joseph – a father to four and grandfather to three, relishes outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, road tripping, attending live music fests, and participating in fishing tournaments. His tenure at ISC has bolstered his faith in familial bonds, teamwork, and ceaseless expansion. As he puts it, “This is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for. We’ve grown in so many ways, and just continue to grow and improve.”

He is optimistic about ISC’s future, foreseeing it as one of the top competitors in the industry, and is proud to be a part of that evolution. We are so happy he is part of our ISC