Julian Herrada - ISC Team Member

Julian Herrada

Julian Herrada, a native of Cleburne, Texas, is a hardworking family man who values the time spent with his family, which includes his wife and sweet new baby boy Giovanni! Despite facing health challenges, Julian’s optimistic spirit and resilience remain undeterred, and he is profoundly grateful to his ISC family for their understanding and accommodation. His professional journey is marked by diverse experiences spanning from computer technicianship to assisting in his father’s masonry business. Julian joined ISC in June 2022, initially handling the press brake and roller, but his commitment and proficiency soon led him to oversee the forming department. An avid griller, Julian cherishes his off-work hours surrounded by family.and friends. He considers the daily challenges at work a rewarding experience and has fondly embraced the ISC team as his second family. Envisioning the future, Julian jestingly predicts that ISC will be “making killions thanks to my teams expert skills with the Bump Roller and Trough Roller”. Did we mention he has a great sense of humor?

Julian’s dedication to his work at ISC and his fervor for continuous growth are commendable. His strong work ethic, coupled with his affable nature, has made him an indispensable part of the ISC team. Julian is not just a skilled professional but also a team player who believes in the power of collaboration and mutual support. His resilience, unwavering optimism, humility, and incredible sense of humor continue to inspire all those around him. We couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team.