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Misty Jordan

Position: Project Manager

Before finding her home here at ISC, Misty had vast experience and skillsets already under her belt. From leading mission teams and helping a pizza franchise startup, to homeschooling her 3 children, and taking a demanding position with an online retail giant, Misty has done it all. Through these various roles and responsibilities, she developed the vital leadership skills necessary here at ISC. Misty has learned to always be prepared, never make excuses, and enjoy the process – no matter how complicated and difficult it may be. She believes every experience is a teachable moment, and really strives to learn all she can. This mindset has paid off, giving Misty and her team the skills and confidence to solve issues quickly and come up with innovative and budget-friendly solutions, no matter the issue.

Misty had several demanding key roles at her previous position at Amazon, which gave her the perfect experience to later transition here. With a challenging job like that one, she learned that thinking outside the box is almost always the way to go. She’s also learned a new way of seeing things, including how you can start in a simple position and earn your way up with perseverance, respect, time, and determination.

In her current role, she is in charge of front end and pre-production, and overseeing all parts of the production process from start to finish; including procurement, engineering, design, release to the shop, and getting the completed job to the customer on time, and on budget.

She makes daily walks in the shop checking progress, working with customers, and verifying shipping. Misty is the go-to person for updates from when a sale is made until the finished delivery.

In a recent interview, Misty told us that what she loves most about her role is that every day is different and exciting. She has plenty to do and plenty to learn. Misty is one of our most valuable team members, bringing many things to the table – including always being two steps ahead and ways to think and act under pressure. These are two highly-valuable traits we’re always looking for in our current and soon-to-be employees.

She gives thanks to her previous job experience, as the skills gained there gave her confidence in her position and she is looking forward to being a large part of the future with ISC.

Misty’s Personal Life & Goals With ISC
Even with all the time devoted to ISC, Misty has a pretty great personal life.  With 3 children in their twenties and one grandbaby, she’s always looking to maximize her time with them. She considers her children to be her best friends, and strives to spend as much time with them as possible. She and her husband Eric are newlyweds! Misty and Eric met working together several years ago. They found themselves working together at 2 different places, and always competing to be the best. They finally decided that this dynamic worked for them and in March 2023, they were married. Eric is a familiar face here at ISC, and we are always happy to see him!

To top off Mistys extraordinary list of accomplishments, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in 2021, she fought and won against this incurable disease. After treatment, a double mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery, we are thrilled to report that Misty is happy, healthy, and cancer free!

Misty envisions an amazing future for ISC. She believes in – and values – her team immensely. ”We all communicate so well. We respect each other, take ownership, work dang hard, and have a lot of fun doing it. The sky is the limit for ISC!”

We are so proud to have Misty as a strong leader on our ISC team, and look forward to many years with her!