A woman posing for a photo.

Molly Hodges

Position: Administrative Assistant

Molly Hodges, a proud native of Burleson, Texas, had an enriching journey that led her to join our team at ISC. Her early years were marked by homeschooling and subsequent attendance at YWAM Missions school. Due to her father’s profession, she spent several years moving about the country, fostering a resilience that would later prove beneficial. Throughout these experiences, one constant remained – her involvement in the church, which began at birth and continues to this day.

In 2015, Molly married her high school sweetheart and best friend, and together they’ve been blessed with two children, with a third on the way. The Hodges’ family values are strong, with a pronounced emphasis on kinship and togetherness. Molly is a lover of art, nature, and travel, passions that resonate with many on the ISC team.

Earlier this year, Molly joined the ISC as our purchasing assistant, a role she continues to hold with dedication and efficiency. Her work ethic and commitment have contributed to the team’s positivity and growth. She enjoys the trust and sense of family that ISC fosters, elements she believes are rather rare in a professional setting. Molly envisions ISC expanding its customer base by intensifying efforts to reach more potential clients while maintaining strong relationships with the current ones. She praises ISC’s commitment to building customer trust through timely operations and accuracy. We at ISC are thrilled to have Molly on board and look forward to growing and excelling together as a team.