Nancy Nelly Castillo - ISC Team Member

Nancy Nelly Castillo

Nancy Nelly Castillo De La Rosa’s roots trace back to the vibrant culture of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Born into a bustling household with nine siblings, each day was an exciting adventure. Streets served as her playground where she played soccer and basketball. Today, she shares her life with her husband Victor and their affectionate dog, Chico. A woman of varied interests, Nancy loves basketball, cooking, and even rollerblading.

Her journey with ISC began six years ago in the Assembly department. Today, she is an integral part of the organization, holding the positions of Facilities Assistant and Sandblaster, while also – in testament to her trustworthy nature – housekeeping in the ISC offices. Nancy is also our unofficial culinary expert, often feeding the ISC team with her mouth-watering authentic Mexican food!

Not just dedicated to her work, Nancy’s commitment extends to her church too, reflecting her faith, kindness, and generosity. Over the years, her roles at ISC have allowed her to learn from various departments, contributing to her personal and professional growth. She enjoys her work and takes pride in being a part of ISC’s journey towards success. We at ISC couldn’t be more thankful for not just an employee, but a family member like Nancy.