Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell

Position: Department Manager

After stepping into welding school, he began working for a manufacturing company and gained even more experience that would prepare him for future years. If there’s something that characterizes Nathan, it’s his incredible field experience in terms of welding, installing units, receiving orders, learning, and more. He is an expert welder, with some of the most beautiful, thorough work ever seen.

Nathan is a father of two who loves his family and likes to work as a mechanic in his time off, fixing motorcycles, hot rods, and anything he can acquire. He is passionate about passing on this experience to his 8 and 9 year old, as they frequently jump in to help.

When he arrived at ISC, Nathan landed a management leadership position quickly, thanks to his attention to detail. Currently, he manages two departments – Welding and Screw Fabrication – both in which he also fabricates. As a top-quality material handling equipment supplier, ISC strives for having experienced workers who can manage and also produce in their departments. This guarantees smooth management with as little friction as possible and excellent results in each division. Nathan is a big part of this, which is why we’re very satisfied with his work and how he manages his department.

ISC & Innovation In 2023
Being one of the best industrial equipment suppliers does not come without challenges, and our team members are very aware of that. Nathan is certain that in 2023, ISC will innovate to a level no other company has dared to reach.

Nathan and his team recently completed a large job with his team that set a company record. And not only did they excel at the job, but they also delivered it almost three months early. This is practically unheard of in the manufacturing industry.

This also speaks volumes about Nathan – and his teams – commitment, incredible work ethic, and outstanding responsibility skills that speak for themselves. Plus, his abilities to coordinate work groups and make things run smoothly. This is definitely one of the best things about Nathan being part of ISC.

Nathan is thrilled to fill more roles in the company’s future,  with the right people to enhance the work of ISC across many industries. With only six months of being with the company, Nathan provides valuable feedback and insights on what we can do better, stellar work quality, and a fantastic attitude. We couldn’t be more proud to have Nathan on our ISC team!