Penny - ISC Team Member

Penny Alderton

We are proud to introduce the lady behind the scenes here at ISC, Mrs. Penny Alderton- Johnson. Born and raised near Hannibal, Missouri, the childhood backdrop of Mark Twain’s famous characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Penny’s own story is one of continuous learning and growth. After high school, she pursued further education in accounting and bookkeeping, which paved the way for a career primarily in customer service and sales assistance. Now a valued member of the ISC team for over a year, her expertise has expanded well beyond her initial receptionist and accounting assistant roles.

Penny is not only an integral part of our team, but she also plays a crucial role at home. She has been happily married to Glen for 23 years, a union that has been a source of strength and support for her. Their partnership extends beyond marital bounds into a beautiful friendship, marked by shared interests, mutual respect, and deep love. This incredible mother of five is also blessed with three adorable grandchildren. Her love for family is paralleled only by her passion for outdoor activities, including swimming, camping, and fishing.

The small-town values instilled in her from her upbringing remain at the core of her approach to life and work. She views ISC not just as a workplace, but as a community, cherishing the team environment and envisioning a prosperous future for the company. At ISC, she believes that she’s “a part of something that’s more than a job.”

Penny’s journey at ISC began as a receptionist and accounting assistant, a position that allowed her to utilize her educational background in accounting and bookkeeping. Her impeccable work ethic, coupled with her natural ability to communicate and connect with people, soon caught the attention of the company’s leadership. Recognizing Penny’s potential, they decided to promote her to the role of office manager. In this capacity, she became responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the office.

Simultaneously, Penny’s keen understanding of people and her inherent ability to empathize with others saw her rising up to the role of Human Resources. She took on the responsibility of managing the welfare of the ISC team, resolving conflicts, and acting as the bridge between the management and the employees. Over time, her roles within the company have continuously evolved, expanding in scope and responsibility, testament to her growth and adaptability. Her journey is a clear illustration of her belief that ISC is more than “just a job”—it’s a community where every member has the potential to learn, grow, and excel.

Penny’s kindness is a cornerstone of her persona that lights up ISC’s office environment. Her caring nature extends beyond her immediate family and has a profound impact on the ISC community. Whether it’s being there to lend an ear during challenging times, or simply assuring everyone with her warm smile, Penny’s kindness truly makes her a beloved member of the ISC family. Her compassionate approach to people management as a Human Resources professional has not only helped in resolving conflicts but has also fostered an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding in the workplace. Penny’s kindness is truly a testament to her character, contributing to the positive culture at ISC and making it a great place to work.