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Taylor Moore

Position: Production Manager & Shop Supervisor

Taylor is a versatile and fast learner who loves nothing more than a good challenge. Prior to taking on his current role, Taylor started out in his career dipping his toes in just about every department, fueling his knowledge in the manufacturing field. Thanks to that, he gained an incredible amount of valuable experience and expertise.

Some of the departments he helped include the machine shop, forming, and welding.

He steadily worked his way up to Plasma Department Supervisor, and was also in charge of handling all raw materials that came into the shop. Apart from this, he was responsible for coordinating the jobs to start cutting them. No matter what position he was in, Taylor was always focused on building a trustable team that could assist each other and clients whenever it was needed.

Taylor is immensely proud to be in the position he is in today, and to be able to help others and the company. With his top notch fabrication crew by his side, they’re all helping take ISC to the next level.

Best Part Of Taylor’s Job
In a recent interview, we sat down with Taylor and asked about his experience and thoughts about working with ISC. The number one thing he loves and is most passionate about his job has to do with every day being a different challenge.

Although the jobs seem somewhat similar, there’s always something new and unexpected. Part of this is related to building the same type of product  in a variety of different ways, allowing every product to be unique, custom, and have its own production process. This leads the customized product to be extremely useful, and lucrative to its end user.

As a production manager, Taylor shared that it is a constant challenge to put all the pieces together and make it work at the end. But, stated that “I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. That’s definitely not the case around here”.

Being an industrial equipment supplier can sometimes lead to monotony, which can cause burnout and fatigued employees. But we’re proud and happy to offer challenges to our manufacturing team and we love seeing them succeed.

What Did You Do Before ISC?
After graduating high school, Taylor thought about studying mechanical engineering, but he was not very fond of school and tests, so he decided to go out and acquire experience in the field instead. The result? A skilled, determined, and creative leader with an incredible career in the industry.

When he was in high school, he started his own hot rod fabrication and restoration shop, which operated for around 10 years. After this, he took a job with the department of transportation and excelled as a heavy equipment mechanic for 5 years. He was responsible for managing the shop and the fleet of vehicles, and gained a lot of experience applying to his current position at ISC.

Life Apart From ISC
Taylor’s passions are present every day in all areas of his life. Apart from his day job, he still has his own shop but decided to just do what he loves and choose the projects he’ll work on. Taylor still finds enjoyment in his spare time, restoring cars, welding and fabrication, and spending time with friends and family.