Victor Piano Hernandez - ISC Team Member

Victor “Piano” Hernandez

Victor “Piano” Hernandez has been a valued member of our team since early 2018, holding an important role within ISC as Supervisor of Facility Management and Paint. Piano’s work in building and grounds maintenance, as well as heading up renovations, is pivotal in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of our property.

Another facet of Piano’s professionalism is his perfect attendance record for over six years. This impressive streak reflects his unwavering dedication and commitment to his responsibilities. His consistent presence not only ensures smooth operations but also sets a high standard of commitment for the entire team. Piano’s exemplary punctuality and attendance are yet another testament to his invaluable contribution to our organization. He enjoys the work at ISC, and loves the environment, as well as all the nice people he gets to work with. He loves how he is treated like family and how everyone looks out for one another. Piano can always be relied upon to go the extra mile to ensure that the team’s goals are met. His dedication and hard work is an inspiration to us all. We highly value him and his contributions to ISC.

However, Piano’s journey to becoming the dedicated and accomplished individual he is today was not always smooth sailing. It was during a challenging time in his life that he found solace and transformation through the Kairos Prison Ministry. This faith-based program not only offered him a sense of purpose and direction but also imparted life-altering lessons which he continues to hold dear. He has maintained his strong connection with Kairos. His experience had instilled in him a deep sense of empathy and a desire to give back to society. To this day, he continues to work with the ministry, offering guidance and support to those who are in the position he was once in. This aspect of his life serves as a further testament to his character, demonstrating resilience, redemption, and a commitment to serving others.

In his personal life, Piano cherishes the love and support of his hardworking wife, Nancy, who is also a longtime, cherished ISC employee. Their union is enriched by their affectionate Yorkie, named Chico, who brings an added layer of joy and fulfillment to their lives. Apart from his professional commitments, Piano also pursues a range of hobbies that fuel his creativity and energy. He has a flair for drawing and runs a side hustle printing unique and vibrant spiritual designs on t-shirts. In addition, he enjoys playing basketball, an activity that not only keeps him physically fit but also allows him to channel his competitive spirit.

Piano’s dedication and commitment to his work is nothing short of extraordinary. His willingness to go above and beyond for the team is evident in the way he approaches every task, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s taking on extra projects, stepping in to assist others, or working overtime to meet deadlines, he is always ready to do whatever is needed. His reliability and selflessness actively contribute to the overall success of our team.