iSC Success Stories

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our valued customers at ISC. Your unwavering support, continued business, and feedback have been the cornerstone of our growth and success. Without you, we wouldn't have these success stories. We are deeply committed to providing you with the highest quality of service and look forward to serving your needs in the future. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty.

Chemical Plant

Replacement of Poor Performing Equipment

A client had been having trouble with a flexible screw conveyor as a part of a bulk bag unloading system. The plastic shaftless auger in the conveyor was continually breaking and there was no viable solution for improvement with the existing conveyor design. “We are hoping to replace this unit with a much more robust design, likely a solid shaft auger. Back in the early 2000s we purchased at least 1 auger from ISC… We have seen incredibly good reliability from this conveyor and would like something similar, if not identical.”

The customer challenged iSC to mate the new conveyor to the existing bulk bag unloader and lump breaker in a system that processed highly acidic granules. This approach would allow them to save money from the budgeted replacement of the entire system. The system had to be 316SS and it had to fit thru, on a 45 deg incline, some nontypical elevation constraints in the form of ducting and process piping. The mating part was a small inlet hopper that needed to have two level sensors integrated. The system needed to be dust tight as the acidic material required dust control. The fabrication of the hopper would be critical to assuring a dust tight design and fitting the trough and discharge of the conveyor thru the constraints.

Once the design was finalized and the equipment was delivered, the client was very pleased with the results.  The system functioned and fit as expected and the robust design, materials of construction, and quality execution exceeded the expectations of the client.

Food Processing

Challenging Shaft Coupling Design

iSC is not widely known for our mixing and blender offerings.  We have standard models and sizes that can accommodate almost any mixing application.  We offer both ribbon style and paddle mixing solutions.  A client brought an opportunity for a food processor application to iSC.  Once we agreed on price and general design requirements, a deal was put in place.

Once the initial design was supplied to the client, there was a concern over the design of the shaft coupling.  As this mixer application was for gluten free food processing, it was very important to have seals with high sealing properties and that could be disassembled and cleaned with ease.  iSC was challenged to implement a new style that the client had designed for this application.  It was a design that used a cap and fasteners that threaded into the reel shaft.  The cap would be sealed with an EPDM O-ring and the fasteners were sized to take the torque from the system. 

The system was delivered and started up in 2021.  As would be expected in late 2020 and early 2021, there were some delays in delivery.  We know that lasting quality trumps price and delivery. 

Peanut butter processing facility

At iSC, we feel proud to serve our customers with custom-designed solutions, tailored to their needs. In this case, one of the production lines was inoperative due to a section of the screw conveyor being damaged. Product was overflowing and production was being significantly impacted.

Upon further inspection, we determined the solution was building a custom 62” screw section to replace the damaged equipment. We were able to accommodate by manufacturing this part in 2 days and solve the client’s emergency quickly and efficiently.

Production was back to normal shortly after installation, preventing greater losses.

This is the type of service we provide at iSC, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, we stop at nothing when it comes to providing practical solutions for our customer’s industrial applications.

Coal Powder processing plant. TX.

iSC MFG continuously looks for ways to better serve its customers. In this case, a Coal Powder processing plant was having considerable issues moving material from unloading trucks to the storage silos. The main problem was the 69’ long inclined belt conveyor feeding the bucket elevator that conveys material up to the storage silo.

Since the belt system was not enclosed, a significant amount of dust was escaping the conveyor, causing environmental and safety concerns.

After a site visit, it was determined replacing the belt with a screw conveyor, with a covered U trough and gaskets, would limit the amount of dust, eliminating such concerns.

Client was in need of a quick and efficient solution, iSC was able to service the client, getting the equipment on site within the established timeframe and meeting their expectations.

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