Maurisa Wiley

Document Control/HR & Sales Support

Maurisa has been with ISC for two years, starting in document control and admin roles before taking on more responsibility across several departments. Officially, her title is Document Control/HR & Sales Support, but unofficially she is the “Queen of Fun” at ISC, always heading up celebrations, positivity, and creativity.

Before joining the ISC team, Maurisa worked in assisted living management, overseeing operations at senior facilities. She switched to manufacturing thanks to a drag racing sponsorship her family’s team had with ISC Manufacturing. When ISC needed someone with Maurisa’s skills and attitude, they knew she would be a perfect fit.

Originally from Dallas, Maurisa moved to Austin as a kid before settling down in Fort Worth 13 years ago. She has a daughter - 20, who is a college student at Tarleton State University, and a son-14, beginning his freshman year of high school. Both kids have followed in their dads footsteps, driving junior dragsters and sharing family excitement for the sport. When she’s not busy helping to keep things running smoothly at ISC, Maurisa loves to read, swim, and relax with friends and family. She enjoys spending all the time she can with her “little besties'' - her kids.

Maurisa’s open, caring spirit comes across immediately to anyone who meets her. She loves the culture at ISC and how everyone supports each other like family. As she describes it, “The dynamic here is so good. I can’t rave enough about the culture at ISC... It’s just cool. Good people, real good people.”

Her coworkers are just as enthusiastic about Maurisa’s presence at ISC. She goes out of her way to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, and anything else that brings the team joy and excitement. Described as the “cheerleader” of the company, Maurisa helps keep energy and morale high even on the most stressful days.

In addition to spreading positivity, Maurisa also plays a crucial role in many departments at ISC. On any given day, she tackles marketing projects, administrative work, social media, accounting, HR tasks, sales calls, document organization, shipping, customer follow-up, and more. Maurisa enjoys the variety and says she has her hands in “just about everything. The only things I really don’t deal with are Engineering and Production.”

One of her favorite parts of the job is working closely with the sales team on lead generation and building new business. She loves speaking directly with customers about their needs and how ISC’s customized manufacturing solutions can help. Maurisa takes pride in providing an excellent customer experience and building strong relationships over time.

As ISC rapidly expands, Maurisa is ready to take on more responsibility and new challenges. Her adaptability, work ethic, and commitment to the ISC team make her an invaluable contributor. Maurisa’s warm spirit and determination to succeed also set an example of positivity, making ISC a rewarding workplace.

The entire ISC crew is lucky to have Maurisa as part of the family. Her patience, empathy, and genuine kindness remind us daily what’s most important. Maurisa truly cares about everyone she works with, which comes across in everything she does. ISC is better because of Maurisa; we’re thrilled she’s part of the team!