ISC Manufacturing, where your complex designs meet precise craftsmanship. Our U.S.-based operation excels in the custom fabrication of machined parts, translating your unique visions into tangible, high-quality products.

Our expertise spans a multitude of industries - from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and heavy machinery, and we have the proficiency to deliver on spec and on time.

We are a leading provider of CNC machining and related services, catering to your industry and includes but not limited to oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, defense, and medical.

CNC Machining: High-precision CNC machining, capable of producing custom parts from diverse raw materials. This precision machining service is crucial for industries where exactness is non-negotiable. Our capabilities include parts for drilling rigs, pipeline systems, automotive components, aerospace equipment, medical devices, and more.

CNC Turning: With advanced CNC turning centers, ISC Manufacturing will produce complex parts with intricate geometries and stringent tolerances. Essential for industries that demand high precision, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical, where even the slightest deviation can lead to significant issues.

CNC Milling: ISC Manufacturing's CNC milling capabilities are extensive and versatile. we can handle both vertical and horizontal milling operations, enabling us to produce a wide array of parts with intricate features. This proficiency in milling is critical where parts are needed to withstand extreme conditions and high pressures.

Fabrication: Beyond our machining capabilities, ISC Manufacturing also offers comprehensive metal fabrication services. These include welding and forming, which allow us to create larger structures required in various industries. Whether it's a significant structural component for the oil and gas industry or a precision-formed piece for an automotive application, ISC Manufacturing has the expertise and equipment to deliver.

Quality Control and Inspection: ISC Manufacturing is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our advanced inspection tools and methodologies ensure that all parts meet the required specifications and tolerances, a crucial factor across all industries. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, a testament to our dedication to quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Prototyping and Design: ISC Manufacturing offers tailored design and prototyping services. This service is precious in industries such as medical and aerospace, where innovative design and rapid product development are essential. Our team of experienced engineers uses CAD software for precise design, and we provide rapid prototyping to turn designs into tangible models for testing and validation quickly.

Repair and Maintenance: ISC Manufacturing, as a comprehensive machining and fabrication service provider, can offer repair and maintenance services, which can help extend the life cycle of critical components across various industries.

Material Selection and Sourcing: ISC Manufacturing works with various materials to meet diverse industry requirements. From common metals to exotic alloys, we guide clients in selecting the most appropriate materials for our application, ensuring durability and performance under varying conditions. This service is invaluable across all industries, as material selection can significantly impact the functionality, lifespan, and safety of parts and components.

ISC Manufacturing is a versatile partner for any industry needing advanced CNC machining, fabrication, and design services. Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive capabilities and industry expertise, allows them to deliver superior results tailored to each client's unique needs and specifications.

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