With over 40 years’ worth of experience under our belt, ISC Manufacturing has made a name for itself in the designing and manufacturing of a variety of customized equipment for its many customers. We are renowned for delivering innovative and heavy duty solutions that frictionlessly address bulk material handling problems across multiple industries. ISC Manufacturing is an expert in the manufacture of state-of-art, industrial grade bulk material handling systems. We also specialize in the fabrication of customer engineered custom mechanical equipment.

We strive to provide you with high-quality, fair-priced solutions for your bulk material handling needs. Whether that’s a screw conveyor, bucket conveyor or drag conveyor, ISC Manufacturing has the experience to determine the ideal solution for your application. A solution that’s priced cost-effectively and fabricated correctly to deliver a world class solution that can stand the test of time. We produce equipment with unparalleled craftsmanship, and durability, offer impeccable customer support and the full-service purchase experience you can always count on. Here are 5 reasons why you should give us a call today!

1. Total turnkey manufacturing systems

A machine with a lot of metal parts in it.

Working with multiple vendors simultaneously does carry a great risk. This calls for attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and a team approach to be applied to all system components, not only to the individual systems. ISC Manufacturing goes out of our way to minimize the risk you incur, but still provides a solution which meets all your requirements. We achieve this by taking effective control of the entire production process from start to finish. Our  client consultation, design, and manufacturing expertise will drive your project forward. ISC Manufacturing will take care of all your needs and ultimately, your product will arrive at your facility in a time-efficient and hassle-free manner.Technical issues can arise from time to time. Our experience and engineering expertise enables us to troubleshoot and resolve tricky problems with  ease.  We also have a long list of partners who we can get involved to solve issues that fall outside of our scope of expertise. We have the experience and rolodex to get your solutions delivered. 

2. Custom fabrication of manufacturing equipment

A stainless steel pipe with a lot of metal on it.

With time, ISC Manufacturing has mastered the art of using cutting-edge technology to custom fabricate diverse equipment. This includes 3D parametric design applications and finite-element analysis. We develop custom projects and deliver engineered solutions for complete bulk material handling systems. ISC’s core competency consists of screw conveyors, , bucket elevators, live bottom feeders, U-trough drag conveyors, vertical screw conveyors, slide gates, silos, industrial mixers and blenders and OSHA required components.

3. Manufacturing capacity

A man is working on a metal structure in a factory.

ISC Manufacturing has invested in a 200,000+ square footage manufacturing facility in Fort Worth that sits on a 75-acre parcel of land. This means we indeed possess the capacity to handle manufacturing projects of any scale. A lot of this square footage is set aside for general fabrication consisting of cutting, forming, machining, welding (MIG, TIG, and Laser), and assembly. We have a fully-functional and highly capable machine shop, a well-staffed forming department, plasma cutting on site, and a laser cutting table is also in the works.  We have 50,000 sq ft of space that is used to execute testing and pre delivery run-off programs.

4. ISC Manufacturing’s core expertise

A large number of black cylinders in a warehouse.

ISC Manufacturing works on numerous CEMA standard screw conveyors of varying lengths. It is where we started and what we do.  We are a custom solution design and fabrication company. Customers often reach out to us with their specifications and we then provide the right solution for the exact volume and materials required. It is important to say that ISC Manufacturing is highly skilled at the material selection process and the conceptual process too. We have 46 years in this business and our team is very motivated.

5. A motivated team with a can-do professional attitude

ISC Manufacturing has 3 sales professionals, a 3-person engineering team and 2 project managers. One of the project managers is a senior planning and ERP professional.  He is currently tasked with implementing our ERP system and developing standard scheduling practices thru the procurement and manufacturing process. We also have a pre-production manager who oversees the execution of all pre-production activities including engineering, procurement, design review and release to manufacturing.  She keeps her finger on the pulse of the projects from the design phase through delivery.  She often becomes the go to person for status updates thru the delivery phase.  ISC also has a well staffed manufacturing management suite.  We get things moving thru the shop and keep them moving with a high attention to detail and a tireless attitude towards flawless execution.