Our EPIC Promise

At ISC, our EPIC Promise is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing world-class customer service. Each element of our EPIC strategy- Extreme Ownership, Personalized, Immediate, and Comprehensive-represents an integral aspect of our service standard.
Extreme Ownership - We take full ownership and responsibility of your order, fromplacement to delivery. Because when you succeed, we succeed. And that's a partnership we're proud to be part of.

Personalized - When it comes to customer service, we don’t believe that “one size fits all.”  Ourapproach is to understand our clients' specific needs and tailor oursolutions and services accordingly.

Immediate - Time is money. We strive to provide immediate responses and swift resolutions to our clients'concerns, keeping their operations running smoothly.

Comprehensive - Comprehensive - Whether it's a single unit or an intricate multi-piece system, we promise to give it the same level of attention. Every step of the process is handled with paramount care to ensure that you receive superior service and satisfaction.
Whether you need a comprehensive, multi-system design or spare parts for a 15-year-old order, our EPIC Promise covers it all. At ISC, we understand that businesses have diverse needs, and we are fully equipped to cater to all of them. For those needing a complete system design, our team is prepared to provide exceptional and personalized solutions, ensuring every aspect of your system aligns with your business objectives.

You Dream it

We Build it

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Mining Engineering Food & Beverage Air Pollution Control Cargo & Freight Recycling Waste Processing Agriculture Forestry, Timber & Pulp


Our manufacturing for the mining industry is both innovative and sustainable. Our warehouse has the technological capacity to service both older and brand new systems.

Commonly used Mining products:


When you partner with ISC, we'll work with your Equipment engineers to design the perfect system for your business process. Our products can scale as small or as large as needed, depending on the use-case.

Commonly used Products:

Food & Beverage

ISC has a strong, 40+ year history serving food and beverage industry manufacturing products. From food processing to distribution, our products help you put food in stores and on shelves across the country. Our high-tech, innovative products help produce better profit and more efficiency.

Commonly used products:

Air Pollution Control

Air Pollution Control continues to be an important industry. The cost of energy continues to rise and choosing emission control equipment can sometimes be just as important as choosing a production product. We've created innovative solutions that create sustainable results for our clients seeking lower emissions.

Commonly used Products:

Cargo & Freight

We create high-quality products for our Cargo and Freight partners transporting goods by way of high-capacity ships and trucks. Belt Conveyors, Elevators, and Material Storage systems help containerships and roll-on/roll-off ships move goods with speed and efficiency.


We're very proud of the products and systems designed to help our Recycling partners sort and decontaminate materials in recovery facilities or paper processors. Our high-tech solutions ensure fast transportation and more efficient sorting of recycled goods, improving production and helping the environment.

Commonly used Products are:

Waste Processing

As the packaging industry grows rapidly, our waste processing work becomes even more essential. In some plants, waste can amount to 30-40% of all base materials used, making solutions to lower costs important for all producers. Our waste processing products and systems such as conveyors and processing equipment help significantly reduce waste inefficiencies.

Commonly used Products are:


Our Agriculture production systems include belt and screw conveyors, silos, and bucket elevators. Our manufacturing solutions are found on farms, silos, food warehouses, and food manufacturing plants.

Forestry, Timber & Pulp

The forestry and timber industry's need for products has increased significantly over the past 50 years. ISC is here to support the needs of Forestry industry professionals by way of custom manufactured systems you can count on. Our bulk material handling systems ensure your processes are fast, efficient, and sustainable.

Commonly used Products:

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