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For over 40 years, Industrial Screw Conveyors Manufacturing has made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing various customized equipment for its many customers. Renowned for delivering innovative solutions that address bulk material handling problems across multiple industries, ISC Manufacturing is an expert in the manufacture of state-of-art, industrial-grade bulk material handling systems.




Bill Hartley is the Chief Executive Officer & Owner at ISC, based in Burleson, Texas. About 4 years ago, Bill joined ISC as a passive investor after meeting ISC’s founder. About a year later, the founding owner of ISC was nearing retirement and found that keeping up with the fast-paced responsibilities of running a company were taking a toll. At this junction, the opportunity to step in as the owner of ISC presented itself, resulting in Bill’s purchase of the company, and his taking the spot at the helm of ISC. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had in business,” Bill says.

About Bill

Bill’s background is in the business of raising capital, and helping companies all over the country raise money for their ventures. While Bill has experience assisting manufacturers to raise money, ISC is Bill’s first full ownership of a manufacturing company, an endeavor that he describes as being more challenging than he expected. Recognizing these challenges has resulted in Bill’s newfound respect for the challenging work that happens in the industry.

Bill, who is married with two grown kids, two grandchildren, and a third on the way, was born in Yakima, WA, then moved to Texas with his family when he was four years old. “I’m not a true native Texan,” Bill jokes, “but I’m pretty close.”

After graduating from high school, Bill went to university at Dallas Baptist University on baseball and academic scholarships. “My family didn’t have money to send me to school. It was either go on scholarship or do something else.” 

Since ISC is not Bill’s only business venture, his spare time is limited. In the small amount of spare time that he does have, Bill enjoys visiting his mountain home and clearing his mind while running and hiking.

When asked about ISC’s trajectory, Bill shares that “the vision is to continue to develop the company.” Describing ISC as a company that has been around a long time, he values that people recognize the ISC name and the importance of the loyal customer base they have created. Part of Bill’s vision for ISC is to improve how ISC delivers products, ensuring that the quality of their products is second-to-none and that the delivery time for products to customers is improved. Bill also teases that there are some “things in the works in terms of new equipment” that will allow ISC to build products more efficiently and more consistently. 

As for his team, Bill is clearly excited about the people he gets to work with. “They are good, sharp, hard-working people.” Joking that in the past, employees used to want to run out the door when the work day ended, “now we have a team full of people who have the attitude of ‘whatever it takes,’ which in this day and time is the attitude you need to have.” Also, due to the fact that so many competitor companies have people in charge who are nearing retirement age, ISC has taken advantage of the opportunity to hire a younger workforce that is open to developing their experience, growing, and providing innovative solutions.

When recommending some of the books that have influenced him as a business owner, Bill mentions Shoe Dog, the memoir written by Nike’s creator, and Steve Jobs’ biography, both of which speak to knowing when you have a good idea and sticking with that idea, recognizing that if something is going to be great, then you have to be proactive about making it happen. Also, despite recent events, Bill describes how reading about Elon Musk’s innovation and development of state-of-the-art products has taught him not to settle for what is but to always reach for what can be, striving to make things better on the way.

Bill truly has a passion for what he does, and for the vision that he has for the future of ISC. “I honestly enjoy working. I like to take time off to recharge so that I can go back to work. I like the competition of business. Every day is tough, but that’s what makes it fun.”


Bradley Downey

Sales Manager

At ISC Manufacturing, we are fortunate to have recruited some of the most talented individuals in our field. It is these amazing people that give us a competitive edge and help make up the backbone of this company. In particular, Bradley Downey has been instrumental in our success and we feel blessed to have him on the team.

About Bradley

Bradley is the sales manager at ISC Manufacturing and has been with the company for over two years. Bradley started as a production engineer and has learned a great deal about the overall manufacturing industry throughout his career. Over the years, he's seen many changes in the manufacturing world and attributes much of his success to his thirst for knowledge. Married with two boys, Bradley isn't all work. He enjoys spending time at home with his family, playing baseball, and attending church.

The Career Path

Post graduating from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Bradley's career journey took off as he began working for Milwaukee Electric Tools as a Manufacturing Engineer in the reciprocating saw blade cell.

After he left Milwaukee, Bradley joined Cameron, A Schlumberger Company, at the LeTourneau facility in Vicksburg, MS. There, he learned much about heavy fabrication inputs such as welding efficiency and metallurgy, as well as how to calculate labor costs while working with heavy-duty material aspects - information that is essential in his current roles. 

Subsequently, Bradley shifted from the petroleum sector to motor vehicle manufacturing. At the end of his three-year tenure as a Quality Engineer at a tier one supplier for Nissan, Bradley's wife got an unexpected opportunity which lead them to the Lone Star State. After relocating his family to Texas, Bradley found a new home at ISC Manufacturing.

Starting with ISC

With over a decade of experience as a manufacturing and quality engineer, Bradley joined ISC in March 2020. Initially, he fulfilled various roles with the company but felt his responsibilities lacked definition.

As Bradley began dedicating more time to quality assurance and customer engagement, he started building relationships with customers which resulted in him closing a few deals. Bill, the owner of ISC, then advised that sales was probably an area where he should focus his energy moving forward. 

Bradley enjoys the dynamic nature of sales and being challenged. With his diverse background in manufacturing, Bradley is able to connect with customer struggles and develop solutions. He's not an expert at any one thing; instead, he remains open-minded while always striving to learn more. This student mindset helps him stay flexible when it comes to tackling whatever life throws his way!

Message to the Future

Bradley frequently imparts wisdom to the younger generations who join ISC, “Don’t try to be an expert. You just always continue to try to learn and be a student.” 

When you have the opportunity to mentor someone in your field, take it. Passing on the value of ongoing learning is invaluable and something Bradley loves doing: he's constantly honing his knowledge. Mark Ellis from ISC has been an inspiring role model for him; his success shows that with dedication one can become a master of their field - something Bradley aims to achieve too.

Working as a quality engineer in the automotive industry enabled Bradley to develop an invaluable capacity for bridging technical and engineering knowledge with customer needs. His experience taught him that honesty is key when dealing with customers, allowing you to take their guidance and use it within your business. By having this ability both sides of communication become fluid, making sure that all parties involved are satisfied.

That role is not much unlike Bradley's current one, with the only difference being that he can play a more pivotal part in controlling and developing the conceptual stage of projects through providing helpful best practices and advice to guarantee successful outcomes after purchase orders have been placed.

Home Life

Bradley, his wife and two young boys (ages 11 and 8) recently relocated to Texas. The family shifted from Mississippi where they've been living since birth, with the majority of their loved ones still residing there. Settling down into life as a Texan has kept them quite busy.

Thus far, the Downey family have completely fallen in love with their new Texas home. In fact, they believe it was the best decision they've ever made! They also found a church family to join two years ago and consequently are devotedly dedicating themselves among three tasks: baseball games, work commitments, and going to church services. If it isn't one of those activities, then it's likely that there is no more time for it on their schedule.

Angel Figuera Bercebal

sales engineer

Angel is our incredible Sales Engineer, in charge of sales in the western US.

He’s an experienced industrial engineer, highly motivated business developer, and results-oriented person. Angel is focused on commercial management, process optimization, productivity increase, and - most importantly - customer satisfaction.

About Angel

Personal Background

Angel is originally from Venezuela. He was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela's capital city. He graduated from the top engineering university, Universidad Simon Bolivar. In 2015, he moved to Panama, where he was for 3 years until July 2018, when he moved to the US. His family is  located in Florida. He is grateful for this, as he is able to travel frequently to see them, versus going out of the country. Angel comes from a very hardworking family, his mom having worked for P&G for almost 30 years.

Angel and his wife Valeria met in 2010, at the lounge club he owned in Caracas. They were married in 2015, right before leaving Venezuela. Once arriving to the US, Valeria worked for Sonder, a company similar to Airbnb, but focused on renting apartments and building floors for business purposes.  After 8 years of marriage, they have a beautiful one-and-a-half-year-old boy - Alek, and another on the way! She’s now a stay-at-home mom raising their son and taking care of herself to welcome their new little one! Our ISC team is excited to welcome this new little bundle!       

Once Angel arrived from Venezuela, he began working in the commercial roofing industry. After observing Angels fantastic work ethic, attention to detail, managerial skillset, and general passion for customer service, he was quickly made manager of the roofing division. This path helped him prepare him for his arrival at ISC.

In his free time, Angel loves participating in outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, ultra marathons, and lots of sports such as basketball and volleyball. He is excited to involve his children in these adventures,  to build a strong relationship and share his love for nature with them.

Role at ISC

Prior to coming to ISC, Angel had been involved in heavy industrial equipment distribution in Venezuela, but not on the manufacturing side of things. Having experience now on both sides of the industry has given Angel a leg-up. He is able to see things from all sides, and come up with productive, cost-effective ways to solve problems, as well as provide top notch service to his clientele.

As a sales engineer, Angel likes to have a winning sales strategy that allows him to work efficiently and transparently. In a recent interview, he shared with us how he likes to work and handle sales.

“I'm pretty methodic in my day-to-day. For me, sales is consistency and just making sure that you hit your goals daily, in terms of people you contact and amount of deals that you follow up on, the amount of RFQs (requests for quotes) that you generate. For me, it's all about consistency, of course, customer service and being fair to the client and giving them exactly what they're asking for. I enjoy working with the team we have in place and the projects that come through, especially when we are dealing with prototypes. At iSC, I have learned that, if approached the right way, every issue we face, we can overcome.”

His co-workers here at ISC will tell you that Angel is a joy to work with. His knowledge, positive outlook, trustworthiness, and willingness to help anyone only elevates the culture here. Angel has made it his mission to take good care of his clients, ensuring that the customer needs are met, above and beyond their expectations. Nearly all of Angels clients are returning customers, and we attribute this to his hard work, perseverance, and commitment to producing the best of the best. We are so proud to have him on our ISC team! 


Mayur Parashare

Engineering Manager

Mayur is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who has been working at ISC since May 2019. He began his tenure at the company as an AutoCAD drafter and has since progressed to his current role as Engineering Manager.

About Mayur

Mayur is responsible for managing the engineering department and overseeing the work of the engineers under him. With a strong background in mechanical engineering and a proven track record of success at ISC, Mayur is well-suited to lead the engineering team and drive the company's projects forward. If you ask anyone at ISC, they will not only boast of Mayur’s incredible work ethic, but will also tell you that he’s one of the most humble and kind human beings you’ll ever meet.

Career Progression at ISC

Mayur's career progression at ISC is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and ability to learn and grow as a professional. As an AutoCAD drafter, where he was responsible for creating simple drawings of systems, he showed the aptitude to develop into a greater role. However, Mayur quickly demonstrated his potential and was promoted to the role of Engineering Lead after just six months.

Following his success as an Engineering Lead, Mayur took on the role of Mechanical Engineer, where he further developed his skills and gained valuable experience in the field. His hard work and dedication led to another promotion, this time to Senior Mechanical Engineer. In this role, Mayur was responsible for overseeing the work of other engineers and ensuring that projects were completed on time and to the highest standards.

Today, Mayur holds the position of Engineering Manager at ISC, where he is responsible for managing the entire engineering department and ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. His ability to adapt to new challenges, quickly learn new skills and lead a team to success has been critical in his rapid progression at ISC. His performance has been consistently outstanding and his dedication to the company's success is undeniable.

Education and Background

Mayur is a well-educated and highly skilled professional with a strong background in mechanical engineering. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from India and a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. These degrees have provided Mayur with a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, and have equipped him with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in his role at ISC.

Mayur's family members are in India, his sister is a software engineer, his mother holds a master's degree in musical science, and his father works as a branch auditor at the Central Bank of India. This background has given Mayur a strong sense of discipline and drive, which has helped him to achieve success in his education and career. Despite being independent in the United States, Mayur's family has been a source of motivation and support throughout his journey.

Enjoyment of working at ISC

Mayur has a deep appreciation for the opportunities that come with working at ISC. He values the variety of tasks and projects that he gets to work on, as it keeps the job interesting and engaging. Mayur believes that having something exciting and new to tackle every day is what makes a job enjoyable, and that's why he's here.

Mayur also enjoys the challenges that come with working at ISC, as it allows him to push himself and develop his skills further. He thrives on the problem-solving aspect of his job and relishes the opportunity to find creative solutions to difficult problems. This mindset is evident in the way he leads his engineering team and the results they achieve.

Overall, Mayur's enjoyment of working at ISC is a combination of the variety of tasks, the challenges that come with the job, and the sense of responsibility he feels towards the company and the projects he is working on. His ability to work well under pressure and lead his team to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards, is a testament to his dedication and work ethic. He is a valuable member of the ISC team and his contributions have been instrumental in the company's success.

Hobbies and Interests

Mayur is an individual with a wide range of hobbies and interests that help him to balance his professional and personal life. He has a keen interest in photography, particularly landscape photography, and enjoys taking photographs of nature and landscapes during his weekends. He believes that this hobby helps him to clear his mind and serves as a source of inspiration. Mayur has an active Instagram account, @landscape_photography, where he posts photographs he takes daily.

In addition to photography, Mayur enjoys road trips and driving. He finds this hobby to be a great way to escape the daily routine and explore new places. This interest in traveling and exploring the outdoors is a reflection of his appreciation for nature and the natural world.

Mayur's hobbies and interests not only help him to relax and recharge, but also demonstrate his ability to pursue his passions outside of his professional life. His love for photography and nature, in particular, showcases his creativity and artistic side. This holistic approach towards life keeps him motivated and productive, which reflects in his work.


In conclusion, Mayur is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to ISC since his tenure began in May 2019. His rapid progression from AutoCAD drafter to Engineering Manager is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and ability to learn and grow as a professional. Mayur's education and background in mechanical engineering, combined with his strong work ethic and problem-solving skills, have enabled him to excel in his role at ISC.

Mayur's enjoyment of working at ISC is evident in his appreciation for the opportunities and challenges that come with the job, as well as his commitment to excellence in everything he does. He balances his work and personal life effectively, which keeps him motivated and productive. Mayur is a well-rounded individual and an asset to ISC.


Taylor Moore

Production Manager & Shop Supervisor

We are so proud to introduce Mr. Taylor Moore. Taylor has been an exceptional part of the manufacturing team here at ISC for a little over 2 years. In December, all of his hard work paid off, as he took on the role of Production Manager/Shop Supervisor.

About Taylor

Taylor is a versatile and fast learner who loves nothing more than a good challenge. Prior to taking on his current role, Taylor started out in his career dipping his toes in just about every department, fueling his knowledge in the manufacturing field. Thanks to that, he gained an incredible amount of valuable experience and expertise. 

Some of the departments he helped include the machine shop, forming, and welding. 

He steadily worked his way up to Plasma Department Supervisor, and was also in charge of handling all raw materials that came into the shop. Apart from this, he was responsible for coordinating the jobs to start cutting them. No matter what position he was in, Taylor was always focused on building a trustable team that could assist each other and clients whenever it was needed.

Taylor is immensely proud to be in the position he is in today, and to be able to help others and the company. With his top notch fabrication crew by his side, they’re all helping take ISC to the next level.

Best Part Of Taylor’s Job

In a recent interview, we sat down with Taylor and asked about his experience and thoughts about working with ISC. The number one thing he loves and is most passionate about his job has to do with every day being a different challenge.

Although the jobs seem somewhat similar, there’s always something new and unexpected. Part of this is related to building the same type of product  in a variety of different ways, allowing every product to be unique, custom, and have its own production process. This leads the customized product to be extremely useful, and lucrative to its end user.

As a production manager, Taylor shared that it is a constant challenge to put all the pieces together and make it work at the end. But, stated that “I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. That's definitely not the case around here”.

Being an industrial equipment supplier can sometimes lead to monotony, which can cause burnout and fatigued employees. But we’re proud and happy to offer challenges to our manufacturing team and we love seeing them succeed.

What Did You Do Before ISC?

After graduating high school, Taylor thought about studying mechanical engineering, but he was not very fond of school and tests, so he decided to go out and acquire experience in the field instead. The result? A skilled, determined, and creative leader with an incredible career in the industry.

When he was in high school, he started his own hot rod fabrication and restoration shop, which operated for around 10 years. After this, he took a job with the department of transportation and excelled as a heavy equipment mechanic for 5 years. He was responsible for managing the shop and the fleet of vehicles, and gained a lot of experience applying to his current position at ISC.

Life Apart From ISC

Taylor’s passions are present every day in all areas of his life. Apart from his day job, he still has his own shop but decided to just do what he loves and choose the projects he’ll work on. Taylor still finds enjoyment in his spare time, restoring cars, welding and fabrication, and spending time with friends and family. 


Misty Jordan

Project Manager

We are so proud to introduce you to Misty Jordan. Misty joined our ISC team at the end of August 2021 as a Production Coordinator, working side by side with our previous Production Manager. In doing so, Misty quickly learned the ropes and gained the skills needed to work her way up.

About Misty

Before finding her home here at ISC, Misty had vast experience and skillsets already under her belt. From leading mission teams and helping a pizza franchise startup, to homeschooling her 3 children, and taking a demanding position with an online retail giant, Misty has done it all. Through these various roles and responsibilities, she developed the vital leadership skills necessary here at ISC. Misty has learned to always be prepared, never make excuses, and enjoy the process – no matter how complicated and difficult it may be. She believes every experience is a teachable moment, and really strives to learn all she can. This mindset has paid off, giving Misty and her team the skills and confidence to solve issues quickly and come up with innovative and budget-friendly solutions, no matter the issue. 

Misty had several demanding key roles at her previous position at Amazon, which gave her the perfect experience to later transition here. With a challenging job like that one, she learned that thinking outside the box is almost always the way to go. She’s also learned a new way of seeing things, including how you can start in a simple position and earn your way up with perseverance, respect, time, and determination.

In her current role, she is in charge of front end and pre-production, and overseeing all parts of the production process from start to finish; including procurement, engineering, design, release to the shop, and getting the completed job to the customer on time, and on budget.

She makes daily walks in the shop checking progress, working with customers, and verifying shipping. Misty is the go-to person for updates from when a sale is made until the finished delivery. 

In a recent interview, Misty told us that what she loves most about her role is that every day is different and exciting. She has plenty to do and plenty to learn. Misty is one of our most valuable team members, bringing many things to the table - including always being two steps ahead and ways to think and act under pressure. These are two highly-valuable traits we’re always looking for in our current and soon-to-be employees.

She gives thanks to her previous job experience, as the skills gained there gave her confidence in her position and she is looking forward to being a large part of the future with ISC.

Misty’s Personal Life & Goals With ISC

Even with all the time devoted to ISC, Misty has a pretty great personal life.  With 3 children in their twenties and one grandbaby, she’s always looking to maximize her time with them. She considers her children to be her best friends, and strives to spend as much time with them as possible. She and her husband Eric are newlyweds! Misty and Eric met working together several years ago. They found themselves working together at 2 different places, and always competing to be the best. They finally decided that this dynamic worked for them and in March 2023, they were married. Eric is a familiar face here at ISC, and we are always happy to see him!

To top off Mistys extraordinary list of accomplishments, she is also a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in 2021, she fought and won against this incurable disease. After treatment, a double mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery, we are thrilled to report that Misty is happy, healthy, and cancer free!

Misty envisions an amazing future for ISC. She believes in – and values – her team immensely. ”We all communicate so well. We respect each other, take ownership, work dang hard, and have a lot of fun doing it. The sky is the limit for ISC!”

We are so proud to have Misty as a strong leader on our ISC team, and look forward to many years with her! 

Pierreson Gaspard

Pierreson "Pete" Gaspard

Lead Machinist/Programmer

 Pete Gaspard is our Lead Machinist/Programmer and sales representative at ISC. Pete has been with ISC for about a year, fulfilling key roles in the development and manufacturing of products. At ISC, we're proud and thrilled to have committed, experienced, and highly qualified personnel that help us and our clients reach their goals in record time.

About Pete

Born in Brooklyn, Pete and his family left the area when he was 8 years old to move to Fort Lauderdale, where he was raised. He met his wife at the age of 18, and married and started their family in their early twenties. Today, they are still happily married and have two sons (one of which is also employed at ISC), aged 23 and 18, and a daughter aged 22. 

 He began his journey with machining back in high school. He was granted the opportunity to start trade school, and during his junior and senior years, where he was supposed to be in electronics, but stumbled upon a machine chart and decided to switch his path to machining.

  He came across a person using a machine to cut metal and just couldn’t make himself leave until he had it all figured out. And that’s where his hearts been ever since. “These machines grab you, it’s fascinating.” 

  In his early twenties, he decided to move to Texas to find better machining opportunities, which he did. He is known to fuse his designs and ideas with machinery to create profitable undertakings. 

Career Progression At ISC

Pete has been with ISC for about a year, but during this period, he managed to help us grow and expand, in terms of ideas for the future and ways we can optimize our processes. One of Petes most recent projects, which he’s very proud of, involved building components with screws in conveyor systems. “We've dramatically improved efficiency in the shop area in terms of reducing the waiting period for clients, and reducing stress on our employees”. 

  Pete brings a level of efficiency and expertise that has helped significantly decrease our production time. Certainly, introducing skilled and highly-qualified individuals to our team makes things easier and smoother.

Hopes For The Future

“We've got machine capability where we could machine parts of automobiles and tanks if we needed. We've got machines that we could use to create automotive, aerospace, and even missile-type parts. Our capabilities are endless at ISC”. Apart from this, Pierreson has stated that he’d love to help bring in some oil-related work and government aircraft-type work into the shop to expand our machining and capabilities outside of our traditional business demographic. 

Hobbies & Interests

  Pete is a widely imaginative and self-taught person, which helps him thrive in his work as well as with his hobbies. At one point, he had machines in his home too, which he used for his personal projects and entertainment. He’s a big fan of indoor sports, especially basketball, and loves to spend time with his family. Passing down as much information as possible about his skills to his children is a big passion of Petes as well. To recharge his batteries and keep a fresh outlook, Pete enjoys spending time with family, friends, and co-workers. He is a skilled and valuable individual that we love having on our team. He’s someone we can trust and ask for help when needed, as well as for innovative ideas for the company. His extensive work experience allows him to view things from different perspectives, which helps structure the team and solve things quickly and more efficiently.

Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell

Department Manager

Nathan is a valuable player at ISC, who went to welding school at the young age of 17 to begin what was going to be an incredible career. 

About Nathan

After stepping into welding school, he began working for a manufacturing company and gained even more experience that would prepare him for future years. If there’s something that characterizes Nathan, it’s his incredible field experience in terms of welding, installing units, receiving orders, learning, and more. He is an expert welder, with some of the most beautiful, thorough work ever seen. 

 Nathan is a father of two who loves his family and likes to work as a mechanic in his time off, fixing motorcycles, hot rods, and anything he can acquire. He is passionate about passing on this experience to his 8 and 9 year old, as they frequently jump in to help.

 When he arrived at ISC, Nathan landed a management leadership position quickly, thanks to his attention to detail. Currently, he manages two departments - Welding and Screw Fabrication - both in which he also fabricates. As a top-quality material handling equipment supplier, ISC strives for having experienced workers who can manage and also produce in their departments. This guarantees smooth management with as little friction as possible and excellent results in each division. Nathan is a big part of this, which is why we’re very satisfied with his work and how he manages his department. 

ISC & Innovation In 2023

Being one of the best industrial equipment suppliers does not come without challenges, and our team members are very aware of that. Nathan is certain that in 2023, ISC will innovate to a level no other company has dared to reach. 

Nathan and his team recently completed a large job with his team that set a company record. And not only did they excel at the job, but they also delivered it almost three months early. This is practically unheard of in the manufacturing industry.

This also speaks volumes about Nathan - and his teams - commitment, incredible work ethic, and outstanding responsibility skills that speak for themselves. Plus, his abilities to coordinate work groups and make things run smoothly. This is definitely one of the best things about Nathan being part of ISC. 

Nathan is thrilled to fill more roles in the company's future,  with the right people to enhance the work of ISC across many industries. With only six months of being with the company, Nathan provides valuable feedback and insights on what we can do better, stellar work quality, and a fantastic attitude. We couldn’t be more proud to have Nathan on our ISC team!

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We Build it

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Mining Engineering Food & Beverage Air Pollution Control Cargo & Freight Recycling Waste Processing Agriculture Forestry, Timber & Pulp


Our manufacturing for the mining industry is both innovative and sustainable. Our warehouse has the technological capacity to service both older and brand new systems.

Commonly used Mining products:


When you partner with ISC, we'll work with your Equipment engineers to design the perfect system for your business process. Our products can scale as small or as large as needed, depending on the use-case.

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Food & Beverage

ISC has a strong, 40+ year history serving food and beverage industry manufacturing products. From food processing to distribution, our products help you put food in stores and on shelves across the country. Our high-tech, innovative products help produce better profit and more efficiency.

Commonly used products:

Air Pollution Control

Air Pollution Control continues to be an important industry. The cost of energy continues to rise and choosing emission control equipment can sometimes be just as important as choosing a production product. We've created innovative solutions that create sustainable results for our clients seeking lower emissions.

Commonly used Products:

Cargo & Freight

We create high-quality products for our Cargo and Freight partners transporting goods by way of high-capacity ships and trucks. Belt Conveyors, Elevators, and Material Storage systems help containerships and roll-on/roll-off ships move goods with speed and efficiency.


We're very proud of the products and systems designed to help our Recycling partners sort and decontaminate materials in recovery facilities or paper processors. Our high-tech solutions ensure fast transportation and more efficient sorting of recycled goods, improving production and helping the environment.

Commonly used Products are:

Waste Processing

As the packaging industry grows rapidly, our waste processing work becomes even more essential. In some plants, waste can amount to 30-40% of all base materials used, making solutions to lower costs important for all producers. Our waste processing products and systems such as conveyors and processing equipment help significantly reduce waste inefficiencies.

Commonly used Products are:


Our Agriculture production systems include belt and screw conveyors, silos, and bucket elevators. Our manufacturing solutions are found on farms, silos, food warehouses, and food manufacturing plants.

Forestry, Timber & Pulp

The forestry and timber industry's need for products has increased significantly over the past 50 years. ISC is here to support the needs of Forestry industry professionals by way of custom manufactured systems you can count on. Our bulk material handling systems ensure your processes are fast, efficient, and sustainable.

Commonly used Products: